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China Hapond printer factory is one of China's leading UV Ink Printer suppliers and manufacturers. Our UV Ink Printer product quality has passed international certification and the price is affordable. Welcome to call to order our products wholesale.

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Product Description

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1. Product introduction of The UV Ink Printer


We are Hapond, a UV Ink Printer manufacturer and seller from China. The industrial uv printers we produce are equipped with automatic ink supply and ink shortage automatic alarm system, nozzle anti-collision protection system, ink path independent temperature control system, and self-developed ultra-high sensitivity negative pressure system. , High-precision constant temperature printing platform. In addition, all equipments are equipped with imported LED uv cold light source curing lamps, imported linear guide silent drag chains, and imported high-power AC servo motors. This printer we produced combines Konica's advanced 1024A proton nozzle and patented roll-to-roll rewinding and unwinding structure to maximize the high-precision and high-speed printing of uv printers.


2. Product Parameter (Specification) of The UV Ink Printer


Device model

running speed

Machine size

Applicable materials

Hapond P-3204



Light box cloth/car stickers/mesh cloth/ single transparent stickers/textiles/wallpaper murals/non-woven fabrics/photo paper,etc.

Hapond Q-3000



Hapond Q-3202plus



Hapond Q-3203



Hapond Q-5002plus



Hapond P-5203



Hapond Q-5204plus




3. Product Feature And Application of The UV Ink Printer


This industrial uv printing machine produced by Hapond has won good comments from all customers for its outstanding cost performance and efficient printing efficiency. We are committed to promoting the innovation of uv printer technology, continuously improving our own production technology, and have been striving to become the leader in the industrial uv printer industry. The inkjet printers we produce support a variety of printing solutions, and the number of colors can be customized according to the actual needs of customers to meet customer needs. One of the highlights of this uv printer is the use of advanced Konica 1024A proton nozzles and standard soft film printing transmission system, which comprehensively improves the printing speed of the machine and improves the printing accuracy of the machine, greatly improving the original rough image quality. The large-scale industrial uv printers we produce are widely used in industrial printing, and the printing effect and resource conversion effect are very good, which are highly recommended.


4. Product Details of The uv Ink Printer

UV Ink Printer


Machine Type Hapond P-3203 Coil UV Machine
Machine Size 5740mm(L) X 1680mm(W) X 1650mm(H)
Machine Weight 2850kg
Material Weight 3300mm
Print Width 3200mm
Data Transmission USB2.0/3.0
Ink Type UV Curable Ink
Ink Color C)(o() Optional Lc, Lm.w
Print Nozzle Konica 1024A (optional Konica 1024i Corresponding 6PL, 13pl Print Heads)
The Print Head Can Support The Maximum Configuration Max.18units
Printing Accuracy 480*720dpi.480*1080dpi.480*1440dpi
Printing Speed

Printing Mode (3Pass): 85㎡/h Production Mode (4Pass): 66㎡/h

Fine Mode (6Pass): 45㎡/h High Precision Mode (8Pass): 35㎡/h

Cleaning System Monochrome Positive Pressure Cleaning
Print Mode One-way/two-way
Software Output Print Factory Version: Optional Caldera
Drying System LED UV System
Negative Pressure System Independent Research And Development Of A Complete Set Of Negative Pressure System
Material Handling System Rollotoll, Automatic Release/TakeUp
Print File Format Bitmap, TIFF, Quarkxpress, JPRG, EPS, PDF
Color Control IC Cprofile/cc Color Profile
Input Voltage Single Phase220v±10%(50/60Hz,AC)
Working Environment Temperature20*-28*c  Humidity:40%-70%RH
Applicable Materials Light Box Cloth, Car Stickers, Mesh Cloth, Single Transparent Stickers, Textiles, Wallpaper Murals, Non-woven Fabrics, Photo Paper, Etc.


This uv printer all uses Konica 1024A nozzles. Customers can freely match nozzles and increase or decrease the number of nozzles according to their needs. The comprehensive cost-effectiveness is high, and the printing accuracy is not inferior to that of more expensive printers. The printing speed is the highlight of this machine. one. Our professional pre-sales and after-sales personnel provide each customer with exclusive Q&A service 24 hours a day. We employ professional assembly workers to modify and customize machines according to customer needs, and customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.


5. Product Qualification of The UV Ink Printer


Our inkjet printers are certified to the international standard ISO-9001, so you can rest assured that we can serve you better when it comes to quality.


UV Ink Printer



6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of The UV Ink Printer


Our uv printers use international logistics containers for transportation, which not only saves a lot of transportation costs for customers, but also saves a lot of transportation costs for customers. We will work with logistics companies to protect each machine and prevent bumps, water and other transportation problems. The probability of occurrence drop to lowest.


UV Ink Printer


Before transportation, our large-scale industrial uv printers are all loaded and unloaded by hired professional operators, and we are willing to do our best to ensure the proper operation of each equipment.


UV Ink Printer


Every machine we sell has professional after-sales personnel to provide customers with basic after-sales service 24 hours a day. Our professional after-sales service personnel can help customers to perform most of the maintenance operations, such as fault maintenance, parts replacement, system debugging, etc. on the purchased large-scale industrial uv printers. We are willing to do our after-sales work better.


UV Ink Printer


7. FAQ


1). Delivery time: Under normal circumstances, the goods will be delivered within 15-60 days after placing the order. The specific time is determined according to national regulations, excluding epidemic and other force majeure factors.

2). Customers need to prepare high-precision automatic AC voltage stabilizer.

3). Customers need to prepare an air pump with a power greater than 750W.

4). Customers need to prepare leakage protection devices above AC220V-63A.


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