Working principle and characteristics of UV printer


UV printer is a kind of printing equipment using ultraviolet light curing ink, which can print high-resolution and high-quality images on the surface of various materials, suitable for advertising production, sign printing, digital printing, packaging printing, glass printing and other industries . The following Hapond printer factory will introduce the working principle, characteristics and precautions of UV printers.


UV printer


1. Working principle of UV printer


UV printers use ultraviolet LEDs or mercury lamps to irradiate ink to make it solidify into printed patterns in an instant. The nozzle of the UV printer is equipped with high-precision micro-nozzles, which can precisely control the position and quantity of ink injection, so as to achieve high-precision printing effect. At the same time, UV printers also have fast printing speed and efficient production capacity.


2. Features of UV printer


1). Wide applicability: UV printers can be used for printing on various materials, such as glass, ceramics, metal, plastic, wood, etc.


2). Bright colors: The ink used in UV printers is bright in color, and the patterns have high saturation and high degree of reduction.


3). Waterproof and lightfastness: The pattern printed by UV printer has good water resistance and lightfastness, and will not fade or blur due to humidity or sunlight.


4). Environmental protection and health: The ink used in UV printers does not contain harmful substances and is harmless to the environment and human body.


5). A variety of printing effects: UV printers can achieve a variety of printing effects, such as spray printing, dot matrix printing, overlay printing, transparent printing, etc.


3). Matters needing attention of UV printer


1). When using the UV printer, avoid direct contact with ultraviolet rays, and pay attention to protecting eyes and skin.


2). During the printing process, the amount of ink ejection and the height of the nozzle should be well controlled to avoid wasting ink and damaging the nozzle.


3). When not in use for a long time, the ink should be emptied and cleaned to prevent the ink from drying out or clogging the nozzle.


4). The maintenance of the UV printer is very important, it is necessary to replace the maintenance parts in time and carry out regular maintenance.


The above is the "working principle and characteristics of UV printer". UV printer is a powerful, multi-purpose and high-efficiency printing equipment, which can print beautiful pictures on various materials and is suitable for the needs of different industries. . If you want to know more, please contact Hapond for your answer.