Why are tile printing options more and more flatbed printers


Why are tile printing options more and more flatbed printers? The choice is reasonable. The home improvement industry has always been a lucrative industry. Especially in recent years, housing prices have continued to rise. Such decorative materials as interior decoration, tiles, glass, wood panels, integrated wall panels, etc. are commonly used. Flatbed printers can also print excellent print styles, seamless stitching of printed products, personalization of patterns and other advantages, as well as embossing. Existing printers are difficult to handle. Going through a long baking process is incomparable.


Why are tile printing options more and more flatbed printers


This printing method cannot be completed by other printing methods, or the process is complicated. Flat printers do not require complicated processes, and can achieve various printing effects with simple operations.


Flatbed printers not only have technological advantages, but also are easy to learn, which can be learned by ordinary people in a few days. Through several different small auxiliary equipment, more styles of background wall effects can be ended, the price will also rise, and the cost will not increase too much, the production process of these products can be taught to customers for free in our company.


So what are the characteristics of flatbed printers, and why do you choose uv flatbed printers for tile printing?


Flatbed printers print very fast. The most important thing is that the input cost is not particularly high, it can be applied to the mass production of some finished products, and the printed products and images are very good, and the effect is very real. Due to the special ink used by the UV flat printer, the printed image can not only be waterproof, but also will not have any problems when exposed to sunlight, nor will there be much wear and tear, and the most important thing is that the printed image will never fade. Tile printers have chosen special inks that are waterproof and colorfast. In addition, the inner layers can be distinguished in time during the printing process, and a better sense of hierarchy can be obtained according to the corresponding requirements. On top of that, all the interior color blocks can be seen, as well as the colors the client wants. Which colors will be printed if no chromatic aberration occurs. I believe that with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of flatbed printers, you can be better prepared when purchasing.