What should I do if the image is uneven when printing on a UV flatbed printer?


In the printing and production of UV flatbed printers, UV flatbed printers are our main printing output equipment. UV flatbed printers are the preferred UV printing equipment for users among many printing sprays. Don't worry about which UV printing equipment is better. Today, we share solutions to common faults of UV flatbed printers, such as the reasons and solutions for uneven images when printing UV flatbeds.


UV flatbed printer


When the UV flatbed printer is printing, in the case of an uneven image (such as unevenness at both ends of the printed image), this is often what we call an error problem. The reasons for this failure are often as follows: When users encounter these problems, refer to the following reasons , find the problem point, you can manually solve it yourself.


1. UV flat printer's paper measurement sensor, grating problem, possible UV flat printer paper measurement sensor is not sensitive or the grating is dirty. The sensor can be cleaned with a small amount of detergent, and the print test can be performed after cleaning. If the problem is not solved, it can be replaced.


2. Exclude the measuring paper sensor, followed by poor contact between the nozzle of the UV flatbed printer and the data cable, or the interference problem of the data flat cable. At this time, you can reconnect the relevant interfaces, and confirm whether the ground wires of the connectors and sockets on the relevant power supply are in good condition.


3. Check the motor part related to the UV flat printer (for example, the motor coupling slips). If the position of the nozzle is not consistent each time, the problem of uneven printing image may occur. At this time, you can use a clean cloth to wipe the flexible shaft and add lubricating oil again to make the flexible shaft work normally, so as to solve the problem of misplacement.


The above three points can basically solve the hardware problems of UV printers. If the above hardware failures cannot be solved, the following are the placement problems of the UV flatbed printer and the software program setting problems (for example, the uneven placement and tilt of the UV flatbed printer will also cause this failure). The parameter settings in the relevant printing programs are not correct, etc., it is best to check and solve them all one by one.


In the daily use and maintenance of UV flatbed printers, many small problems are small defects. As long as we pay more attention and do more work, we can easily solve problems such as uneven images when printing on UV flatbed printers.