What is a UV printer? What materials can a UV printer print?


UV printer is a high-tech printing equipment. Its main features are a wide range of materials that can be printed, precise positioning, plateless printing, and high precision. UV printers are suitable for almost any material, including flexible media such as sticky notes, PVC, and glass, ceramic tiles, metal and other hard media, flat materials, roll materials, cylindrical materials, etc. can be printed with UV printers. Because of the wide range of printing materials for UV printers, its scope of application is also very wide. It is used in advertising processing industry, textile industry, building materials and furniture decoration industry, production and processing industry, oil painting industry, personalized custom printing industry and other fields. Now let's learn more about what a UV printer is and what materials a UV printer can print.


What is a UV printer? What materials can a UV printer print?


a. What is a UV printer?


UV printer, the full name is Ultraviolet LED Inkjet Printer, is a plate-free full-color digital printing machine. Because it can print a wide range of materials and is suitable for almost any material, it is also called a universal printer.


As a new type of high-tech printing equipment, UV printers can complete full-color images at one time, with precise positioning, realizing true plateless printing, and can complete short and medium-sized jobs cost-effectively; and UV printers have higher precision, Printing materials are widely used in various commercial fields.


b. What materials can the UV printer print?


UV printer has the reputation of universal printer, because it can print many materials, such as ceramics, wood and other flat materials, so what materials can UV printer print?


1. According to the shape of the material


(1) Rolled materials: wallpaper, wall covering, advertising cloth, inkjet cloth, leather, carpet, soft film, etc.


(2) Flat materials: including ceramic tiles, glass, acrylic, wood boards, PVC boards, fiber boards, stone boards, plastic boards, KT boards, metal boards, UV boards, etc.


(3) Other materials: With the development of technology, cylindrical and curved materials can also be processed and printed with patterns by UV printers.


2. According to the nature of the medium


(1) Flexible media: post-it notes, PVC, reflective film, canvas, carpet, leather, etc.


(2) Rigid medium: glass, ceramic tile, metal, ceiling, aluminum board, wood board, door board, acrylic board, plexiglass board, foam board, corrugated board, etc.


c. What are the main application fields of UV printers?


UV printers can print a lot of materials, so they are widely used in many industries, including:


1. Advertising processing industry


Including acrylic (plexiglass), KT board, PVC, organic board, stainless steel, aluminum-plastic board, two-color board, metal board, PP board and other materials, often used in advertising printing, light box cloth, traffic power hard signs, display boards, etc. printing.


2. Textile industry


T-shirts, pillows, canvas handbags and other clothing, belts, shoes, carpets, curtains, bed sheets, etc. are all printed with the Forbidden City UV printer.


3. Building materials and furniture decoration industry


Door panels, ceramic tiles, glass, UV boards, bamboo fiberboards, gypsum boards, corrugated boards and other materials can all use UV printers, which are suitable for whole house customization, integrated wall panels, art glass, home decoration fabrics and other industries.


4. Production industry


Mainly leather, wood boards, electrical panels and other materials, such as leather bags, PVC manhole covers, projection screens, toys, etc.


5. Oil painting industry


Including mural painting, canvas painting, wall painting, home decoration painting, cross stitch and other industries.


6. Personalized custom printing industry


Such as mobile phone case customization, nail art, photo album, pen, ink, paper and inkstone, personal advertisement, gift customization, cosmetics and other personalized industries, UV printers have great advantages.


What is a UV printer? What materials can a UV printer print?


It is precisely because the UV printer has complete functions that it can print more things and can also print on different materials, so it is called a universal printer. If you want to know more about UV printers, please contact Hapond printer factory, a professional UV printers manufacturer, to solve all the problems about UV printers for you.