What is a UV printer? Is the UV printer easy to use?


Printer is a common office equipment in modern people's life. With the frequent use, the requirements for it are getting higher and higher. In order to meet people's needs, there are many types of products on the market. UV printers have also appeared many times, and many people are curious about this new product and may want to know a lot. Next, let us understand what is a UV printer? Is the UV printer easy to use?


First of all, what is a UV printer?


Let's take a look at what a UV printer is. Unlike traditional printers, UV printers are named after the use of printers and UV inks again. UV printers have UVD lighting and can instantly dry print patterns, sample brackets, etc. This function provides great convenience for both production and sampling, and the personalized production mode brings unprecedented convenience to the processing industry. The UV printer is a high-precision high-speed printing machine, and the precision is optional. The working principle of the UV printer is that the nozzle is responsible for the color, and there must be at least four basic colors: C, K, M, Y, in order to draw delicate patterns. With the gradient effect and color fineness required by the painting color, the number of sprinklers can be increased to meet the requirements of beautiful and realistic patterns.


Second, is the UV printer easy to use?


1. In art applications.


Due to the characteristics of UV printers, it can be used for art in many directions. It can print any flat material, liberate productivity through the spraying process that previously required manual operation, and realize mechanized production.


2. Application in decoration industry


Not only is the role of the art field very important, but it also has a great impact on UV printers in the decoration industry. The output of the UV printer pattern is completely controlled by the computer and can be printed at will. It is by virtue of this characteristic that the market quickly opened up in the field of decoration and gained a certain mayor/market share. UV printers include glass sliding doors, tiles, carpets, curtain walls, partitions, ceilings and planks


3, in the application of the advertising industry.


The emergence of UV printers can be said to have brought great changes to the advertising industry. In the past, the advertising industry generally used traditional processes, but a large number of small and high-cost problems could not be solved, and thermoelectric conversion also had temperature range requirements for materials. UV printers are printed in a single piece, and the LED has the characteristic of cold light, which is suitable for all flat materials. Unique in the advertising industry.