What are the classifications of printers


I believe that many people have used the printer. Even if they have not used it directly, they have indirectly printed what they need. Although many people are using printers, they have not studied the specific use methods and some classifications of printers. After all, it is enough to meet their own needs. So do you know what types of printers can be divided into? Hapond will take you to learn more about it. Down!


What are the classifications of printers


Printers can generally be divided into the following categories:


1. Inkjet printer, inkjet printer is also a relatively popular printer, which mainly uses ink droplets to be ejected onto the printing medium to form text or images. There are also many types of inkjet printers, such as ordinary inkjet printers and digital photo printers, portable mobile inkjet printers.


2. Needle-type printers, needle-type printers are the earliest printers. At present, there are 9-pin, 24-pin, 72-pin, 144-pin and other needle-type printers on the market. Its characteristics are: simple structure, mature technology, good performance-price ratio, low consumption cost, so that it can be used in bank passbook printing, financial invoice printing, continuous printing of scientific data records, bar code printing, fast skip printing and multiple copy production.


3. Laser printers, laser printers are output devices that combine laser scanning technology and electronic imaging technology, and laser printers all require charging, exposure, development, transfer, power elimination, cleaning, and fixing, while laser printers are divided into Both black and white and color, can provide faster, higher quality, lower cost service.


The above is to introduce to you "what are the classifications of printers". Printers solve many problems in people's life and work. If you want to know more about printers, please contact Hapond printer factory, which is a professional design and manufacturing company. Manufacturer of large-scale UV printers to solve your needs.