UV flatbed printer price


Before the printer appeared in 1976, it has undergone continuous improvement and research and development, from the previous large and bulky to the current small and multi-functional technical product. Now printers have entered ordinary families, bringing more convenience to people's lives. The main reason is that the competition among UV printer manufacturers is very fierce. At the same time, the price of selling UV printers is also acceptable to everyone. Unless it is some large-scale multi-purpose industrial UV printer, its price is relatively expensive, but it has many functions, and it can print things on various materials.


UV flatbed printer price


UV printers use the latest technology to apply ink and cure it instantly, allowing you to efficiently obtain accurate, high-resolution images. Excellent design and technology make the initial price of UV printers higher than traditional printers.


Generally speaking, most industrial UV printer equipment sells between $30,000 and $100,000, and a large LCD display with multiple prices is also available for your visual operation.


However, you can still find affordable machines like the Full Color UV Printer or UV Roll Printer for $1500 to $10,000.


Therefore, the price of a UV printer depends largely on the type of machine to be purchased and the material to be printed. The preferred UV ink will also affect the cost of the UV printer. Because different ink types have different price tags.


It is precisely because there are many manufacturers of printers and the competition is fierce that the price of selling printers can be lower. Industrial printers typically sell for between $10,000 and hundreds of thousands of dollars. If it is a UV flatbed printer for home use, the general price is between a few hundred dollars and a thousand dollars.


So when we choose a printer, we mainly consider three factors: printing resolution, printing speed and printing noise. Only in this way can we have a clearer understanding of the price of the printer.


If the UV flatbed printer has a high printing resolution, can print on various materials, and has a fast printing speed, then the price must be relatively high. Another thing is to look at the brand of the printer. The bigger the brand, the more expensive it is. But the current technology is connected to the world, and the gap in products has gradually narrowed, so the sales of printers by large companies are themselves selling brands.