UV curing ink performance and application range


UV ink is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly ink that hardens and adheres when irradiated with UV light (ultraviolet rays). Immediately drying at the moment of export, the production lead time can be greatly shortened. It can be printed on resin, glass, metal and other non-absorbent materials. A rich range of inks (soft, neutral, hard) can be used according to the use and material, from small accessories to large sheets, architectural, industrial design range can be printed.



1. Low volatile organic compound (VOC) ozone-free ink




After UV exposure, the paint adheres directly to the material and hardens, producing little VOC. In addition, because short-wavelength ultraviolet rays that can cause ozone are not used, not only the environment, but also the eco-friendly ink that is worried about the health burden of operators.


2. UV ink curing method


1). Use LED light source for UV lighting to solve halogen lamp problems (such as idle time, power consumption, light source size, shortening service life, and increasing heating temperature).


2). High energy efficiency and long service life. Compared with halogen lamps, the power consumption and calorific value of LEDs are greatly reduced during the investigation. Not only does it save energy, but the life of the bulbs increases dramatically, helping to reduce waste.


3). Because the calorific value is low, when expanding the use range of the material, there is less heat when irradiating UV. For example, materials such as laminates, PVC films, PET, etc., whose surfaces or shapes are easily changed by heat, may also have high-color, delicate prints.


3. UV ink coverage


The material has high applicability and a wide range of applications. Examples include ink types for gifts, promotional giveaways, sheet ink types, ink types suitable for printing on films or switches on touch panels, body wraps and various packaging that require surface finishes or elastic materials.




1). White ink and clear ink can be used together to produce richer color performance. When using transparent material, printing white ink on full-color eucalyptus floor at the same time can produce more vivid color performance.


2). As long as colored ink is used, all colors cannot transmit light and illuminate the original color.


3). White full-color ink, white ink can prevent light penetration, showing the fresh feeling of the photo itself.


4. the relationship between UV ink and nozzle


1). Different nozzles correspond to different UV inks and cannot be replaced at will. Otherwise the sprinkler may become clogged.


2). The quality of UV ink not only affects the printing quality, but also affects the life of the nozzle.


3). The shelf life of general UV ink is one year, so do not use expired ink. It is easy to block the nozzle.


UV printers


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