The principle and application of five-color printing effect of UV printer


There are many kinds of UV printing colors, but the commonly used 5-color printing effect of UV printers can meet the daily printing needs. The 5 colors are (C-cyan, M red, Y yellow, K black, W white), and other colors can be adjusted by color software. Considering high-quality printing or custom requirements, UV printer colors can add LC (light blue), LM (light red), LK (light black) LLK (light black) and spot colors (orange, purple, green).


The principle and application of five-color printing effect of UV printer


Generally speaking, it is mentioned that the UV printer standard is 5 colors, but the corresponding number of nozzles is indeed different. Because some are 1, some are 3, some are 5, some are 5, and some are different types of nozzles. E.g:


1. Epson nozzle, 8 columns of channels, one column of channels can produce one color, one nozzle can produce 5 colors, or 6 types of 200 or 8 colors.


2. For Ricoh 5 nozzles, if one nozzle produces two colors, 3 nozzles are required for 5 colors.


3. Organize the gs508 nozzles, one nozzle produces one color, and five colors need five nozzles.


The more colors a nozzle emits, the slower the printing speed becomes, and it becomes a civilian nozzle. One nozzle has one color, most of them are industrial nozzles, and the printing speed is very fast.


The five-color printing effect of UV printer meets the following requirements:


1. Print color patterns on ordinary color printing, transparent materials, black materials, and dark materials.


2. 3D effect, print visual 3D effect patterns on the surface of the material.


3. Embossing effect, the surface pattern of the material is uneven, and it feels layered.


How to upgrade if the five-color printing effect of the UV printer is not satisfactory?


1. Hardware: Add nozzles, ink cartridges, ink channels, booster plates and other components.


2. Software: The existing control software and color software are upgraded.


In this way, the UV printer can print 7 colors, 8 colors, 9 colors and more colors.


Five-color printing can already meet the needs of daily printing, and the printing speed is also very fast. If you want to achieve 7-color, 8-color, 9-color and other color printing effects, you can achieve it by reducing the printing speed.


Reminder: Choose a high-quality uv printer manufacturer for sale, so as to better guarantee the printing effect of the printer.