The price and development of UV flatbed printer


The rapid development of ultraviolet flatbed printers has also attracted the attention of many businesses and users. The prosperity of many industries is inseparable from uv printing. As the main printing equipment for spraying, uv printers are changing with each passing day. Other brands and models are constantly on the market, but different brands and machines The attention of the models may all focus on the price development of uv printers.


The price and development of UV flatbed printer


The maturity and stability of the printing technology of ultraviolet flatbed printers, whether it is printers of foreign imported brands or printers of domestic technology, new products are launched every year. From small to large, from single nozzle to multi-nozzle, these evolutions have witnessed the progress and update of printers. At the same time, due to the continuous advancement of technology, the application range of jet aircraft is expanding. Today's printers, speed and performance are solid.


The technical level of the printer is gradually in line with the world. Years of experience accumulation and physical testing of domestic technology, as well as the quality and stability of the current printer, have already had a unique feeling compared with the level of foreign products. On the contrary, domestic technology applications, many printer components and main core technologies are all produced locally. The price advantage is much cheaper than the price imported from abroad. At the same time, the maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, and maintenance of imported brand printers have better quality and better after-sales printers. At 20,000~.


Of course, domestic printers are not only positioned in the direction of lower prices, but also the quality should meet or exceed imported inkjet printers. It is believed that in the near future, domestic inkjet printers can monopolize the domestic market, and even occupy more foreign markets at an economical price, mainly due to the advantages in price and quality.