The composition and principle of UV flatbed printer


Many people have used UV flatbed printers for many years. UV flatbed printers are widely used in various industries, such as printing pictures, pictures and texts on porcelain, etc., which all require UV printers to print. But many people don't know the composition and principle of UV printer. Although we will use a UV flatbed printer, we do not know its composition and principle mechanism, so we cannot fully operate the UV flatbed printer, so we still need to know the composition and principle of the UV flatbed printer, so that we can better control the UV flatbed printer. Now Hapond printer factory will introduce you the composition and principle of UV flatbed printer. In order to be able to respond as soon as a problem occurs.


The composition and principle of UV flatbed printer


1. What are the parts of the uv flatbed printer?


UV printers can print a variety of materials and are widely used in various industries. Many friends don’t know much about the structure of UV printers, so what are UV printers made of?


1). Internal structure.


Includes circuit boards, control boards, software boards, power cables, motors and various electronic components.


2). External structure


It mainly includes the nozzle (printer head), guide rail, grating, belt, ink system, control panel, etc. of the uv printer.


The three main core components are the water spray device, the card, and the servo motor. The nozzle is the key component of inkjet printing, the card is the "brain" of the entire UV flat printer, and the servo motor is the key to ensuring the printing length, accuracy and stability of the equipment.


2. What is the principle of uv printer?


UV printer is a kind of printer, which is a piezoelectric inkjet printing device. It can achieve printing effect through uv photosensitive technology, computer input control, inkjet technology and uv curing technology. So what is the principle of uv printer?


1). Curing principle


The ultraviolet wave emitted by the UV lamp reacts with the photosensitive curing agent of the UV ink, so that the pigment molecules in the UV ink are cured to the surface of the material, so that the ink is quickly dried, so no traditional baking and drying procedures are required.


2). Printing principle


The printing principle of the UV printer is to spray the ink of the spray hole to the surface of the phosphide according to the voltage inside the nozzle to print the photo. Generally speaking, the small nozzle has thousands of spray holes, and the nozzle can control the ink discharge amount of the spray holes.


)3. Positioning principle


Uv printers can print patterns on different materials and different shapes with precise control. Mainly in the positioning of the X axis, mainly rely on the raster decoder to instruct the device to print horizontally. The length of the printing material on the y-axis is mainly controlled by the drive of the servo motor. On the z-axis, it mainly relies on the lift function of the rider.


The above is the "composition and principle of UV flatbed printer". Only when we clearly understand the principle and composition of UV printer can we better use and maintain UV printer. Hapond printer factory is a professional UV inkjet printer manufacturer, UV flatbed printer Suppliers, welcome to contact us for wholesale Full Color UV Printer.