Ink quality of outdoor UV flatbed printer is good or bad


In the use of outdoor UV flatbed printers, the choice of outdoor spray ink is also very important. Manufacturers of UV flatbed printers recommend that users use factory-installed or factory-specified inks. In this way, the UV flatbed printer can be used better and related after-sales guarantee services can be obtained.


Ink quality of outdoor UV flatbed printer is good or bad


There are many brands in UV flatbed printers, there are many related models, ink manufacturers are also different, and the components of related outdoor inks are also different. Therefore, when users choose different outdoor spray inks, the harm and harm are also very great. Below, hapond UV printer will list the following several important indicators based on the relevant data provided by the Internet. You can refer to it when choosing outdoor ink.


1. Light resistance and weather resistance of outdoor ink: In outdoor applications, due to the influence of outdoor environment related factors (such as the sun, rain, etc.), outdoor ink will be damaged by sunscreen, acid and alkali, dust, air and other adverse factors, so The light fastness of the ink is at least above level 7, and the weather resistance is above level 5.


2. Green environmental protection of ink: In the theme of advocating green environment in the country, the environmental protection and safety of ink are also very important. The ink uses green environment ingredients, safety and strong smell, the printout of the advertising screen is no longer oily ink, and there is also green and safe medicinal agent series outdoor ink.


3. The quality of ink raw materials: In the ink production process, the price of raw materials is different, and the quality will vary greatly. Different quality has a great impact on the nozzle. For example, ink-related purity, PH value, water content, impurities, etc. can reduce nozzle life. High-quality ink, high-quality material use, good ink fluency, no need to wipe and clean the nozzle frequently during the printout process of the UV flatbed printer, which improves the printing and ink saving of the UV flatbed printer, and greatly improves the printing performance of the UV flatbed printer productivity.


4. Ink stability: In the spray ink, the organic pigment is evenly distributed in the organic solvent. In order to pursue high profits, other inferior inks do not hesitate to use cheap raw materials, so the size of the pigment particles is uneven. If the time is a little longer, the temperature change is likely to cause stratification or precipitation, and it is easy to block the sprayer ink cartridge, ink cartridge, ink cartridge tube and nozzle, and the amount of ink ejected is uneven. High-quality ink does not need to be shaken evenly before use, nor does it require operations such as ultrasonic vibration. Therefore, when users choose ink, it is very important. Don't covet the low price of ink, don't damage the UV flatbed printer.


Therefore, UV flatbed printer users can refer to the above points when choosing outdoor ink. Finally, please use the UV flatbed printer manufacturer's original ink on the UV flatbed printer, or choose the high-quality ink recommended by the manufacturer. Choosing inferior and other brands of ink will bring a lot of inconvenience and problems to the UV flatbed printer, as well as problems caused by using other brands of ink.