How to choose a UV printer


Let's choose the Uv printer. UV flat printer can print at one time, whether it is a simple color block pattern, full-color pattern or over-colored pattern, without the need for plate making, begging plate, repeating cover, the application field is very wide. When purchasing a UV printer, whether the host components of the UV printer (mainly the head and sprinkler here), the type of UV printer (such as UV flatbed printer) can meet the requirements, and whether the model of the sample and the computer are different.


How to choose a UV printer


When choosing a UV flat printer, keep the following points in mind:


1. Whether the printing width is optional. Do you make wood, glass, crystal, PVC, ABS, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather, cloth and other fabrics?


2. Try to choose factory direct sales. The uv printer equipment directly sold by the manufacturer will be more guaranteed in terms of after-sales service and quality. Especially in China, there are only a handful of real UV flatbed printer manufacturers. Buying a UV flatbed printer for the first time requires training skilled technicians, so perfect after-sales service is essential.


3. Don't choose the expensive one, only choose the right one. The price of UV printers is only one aspect. Generally speaking, users need to choose the type and specifications of the equipment according to the nature of the business and the actual needs of the business. In addition, it is necessary to consider whether the main purpose of the device is mainly color image output or text output. When buying a UV flat printer, you must first accurately understand your own work characteristics and daily work requirements. For example, what is the size of the printed surface, how high is the resolution of the printed image, how much is printed per day, whether automatic printing is required, how many ink cartridges are required, and so on.


4. Comprehensive consideration of equipment performance parameters. The main performance indicators of UV printers include speed, resolution, large print width and continuous printing time. When purchasing, you should also pay attention to the printing quality and output speed of the uv flatbed printer, do not pursue any details too much, and make full use of it. Generally speaking, the resolution and speed of uv printers are inversely proportional. Therefore, when purchasing, you cannot simply consider a certain factor, but consider quality and speed, and find a balance between the two. When choosing a UV flat printer, you need to comprehensively consider the performance indicators of some equipment. Generally, the printing effect at 720dpi×720dpi is used as a reference. Furthermore, the limitations of the existing technology must be taken into account.


5. Please select consumables. Uv flatbed printer printing equipment is a professional-grade precision output device, and the use of consumables is particularly strict, especially for mass-produced customers, the consumption of consumables is very large. If counterfeit or inferior printing consumables are used, or each consumable is incompatible, it will not only seriously affect the printing quality, but also cause different degrees of damage to the equipment, and the maintenance cost will increase accordingly. Therefore, when selecting consumables, it is best for users to comprehensively consider the requirements and compatibility of the equipment for printing media, and comprehensively consider printing costs, etc., and use the original consumables provided by the seller. There are many phenomena of mixed or gradual charging on the market today.


How to choose a genuine uv flatbed printer, there are three methods with high gold content.


First, to see if the company has its own professional production workshop.


Second, see if the company has its own excellent R&D team.


Third, see if the company can provide timely after-sales service and valuable technical support. Of course, this is only the eye-catching part, not perfect. I hope that customers who have used this kind of machine can provide more valuable reminders for those who want to buy in the future, and create a good environment for the uv printer market.