How inkjet printers work


Inkjet printer is one of the printers. Inkjet printer is a very common office supplies. In daily office, many people will come into contact with inkjet printer. So what is the working principle of inkjet printer? The working principle of an inkjet printer is relatively simple. Now Hapond printer factory will introduce its working principle in detail.


How inkjet printers work


Inkjet printers actually convert liquid ink into fine particles through nozzles and spray them onto the printing paper in the form of dots. Some inkjet printers have three or four print heads to print yellow, magenta, cyan, and black. color; some share a print head and print in four colors. Inkjet technology is mainly divided into two types: micro-piezoelectric type and thermal bubble type.


1. Micro piezoelectric technology


Micro-piezoelectric technology can divide the droplet control in the inkjet process into three stages:


The first stage


Before operation, the piezoelectric element is first slightly contracted under the control of the signal;


second stage


The element produces a large extension that pushes the droplet out of the nozzle;


The third phase


At the moment when the ink droplet is about to fly away from the nozzle, the component will shrink again, and the ink level will be shrunk cleanly from the nozzle.


After the ink droplet level is precisely controlled, the ink droplets ejected each time will have the perfect shape and the correct flight direction.


working principle


In the micro-piezoelectric inkjet system, a transducer is arranged on the nozzle with ink, and the transducer is controlled by the printing signal, thereby controlling the ejection of the ink. According to the working principle and arrangement structure of the micro-piezoelectric inkjet system transducers are divided into: piezoelectric tube type, piezoelectric film type, piezoelectric sheet type and so on. The variation of micro-voltage is used to control the jetting of ink dots, which not only avoids the shortcomings of thermal bubble inkjet technology, but also can precisely control the jetting direction and shape of ink dots.


Piezoelectric inkjet printheads use a piezoelectric crystal at the back of the micro ink reservoir. Applying a current to the crystal will cause it to spring inward. When the current is interrupted, the crystal bounces back to its original position, and a drop of A small amount of ink is ejected through the nozzle; when the current is restored, the crystal is pulled back and is ready to eject the next drop of ink.


Thermal Bubble Inkjet Technology


The commonly used inkjet printers generally use thermal bubble inkjet technology. Through the heating, expansion and compression of the ink in a short time, the ink is sprayed onto the printing paper to form ink dots, which increases the color stability of the ink droplets and realizes the High-speed, high-quality printing.


In addition to the size of the ink droplet, the shape and consistency of the ink droplet will have a significant impact on the image quality, and the direction and shape of the ink droplet generated by the ink at high temperatures are not easy to control, so high-precision ink droplet control is very important. .


Working principle


The principle of thermal bubble inkjet printing is to put the ink into a very tiny thin tube, and quickly heat the ink to the boiling point through a tiny heating pad to generate very tiny vapor bubbles. The expansion of the vapor bubbles ejects a drop of ink. At the top of the capillary, the heating stops and the ink cools, causing the vapor to condense and shrink, thus stopping the ink flow until the next time vapor is generated and ink droplets are generated.


How inkjet printers work


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