Difference Between Commercial Printers and Industrial Printers


Printers can be divided into commercial printers and industrial printers by application. Due to the rapid development of informatization in the Internet era, printers have been widely used in industry and commerce since their appearance. The greater our reliance on printers, the higher the requirements for printers. In particular, industrial printers not only require high printing speed, but also require high printing accuracy and clarity. Unlike commercial printers, it just prints some basic content on paper. Now let's introduce the difference between commercial printers and industrial printers in detail, so that we can better recognize their differences.


Difference Between Commercial Printers and Industrial Printers


Differences between industrial printers and commercial printers:


1. Commercial printers are generally used in the work process of commercial sales and circulation, such as commercial printing, hang tags on clothing products and other scenarios. Since this field requires high-quality printing and sometimes documents with pictures and texts, high-resolution laser printers are generally used. The advantages of laser printers are mainly in the fast printing speed, low printing cost and low failure rate. The disadvantage is that the machine is more expensive and the cost of printing color is high.


2. Features of industrial-grade printers: It has a strong and durable die-cast metal shell. Strong real-time connection, excellent compatibility, low price. Adapt to the needs of industrial field use and meet the requirements of industrial high-quality printing. Generally speaking, industrial-grade barcode printers are relatively scientific in design and structure. Because industrial printers have been used for a long time and require stability, convection heat dissipation design is generally adopted, and the operating space for replacing consumables is greatly increased. Make maintenance convenient and reduce maintenance frequency.


The difference between commercial printers and industrial printers is also reflected in the following four aspects:


1. Printing capacity: Generally speaking, industrial-grade printers are better than commercial printers in terms of printing capacity. Industrial printers have a wider printing range, larger size, faster speed and high definition. On the other hand, the printing capacity of commercial printers is weaker.


2. Price comparison: Since industrial printers have much higher performance requirements than commercial printers, the manufacturing cost will also be higher, so generally speaking, the price of industrial printers will be much higher than that of commercial printers.


3. In addition, compared with commercial printers, industrial-grade printers can withstand harsher working environments; in terms of printing time, industrial-grade printers can print continuously for 24 hours; and industrial-grade printers are generally steel shells, sturdy and durable; can be installed Longer labels and ribbons.


Difference Between Commercial Printers and Industrial Printers


Through the comparison of commercial printers and industrial printers above, I believe you already have a clear understanding of their differences.


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