Daily maintenance method tutorial of UV inkjet printer




cleaning equipment

When going to work, use cleaning solution to clean the ink and dust remaining on the surface of the nozzle of the UV printer and the bottom plate of the spray car to prevent the cured ink from filling the nozzle hole when wiping the nozzle, causing blockage.


test print head

Print the nozzle to test the working status bar to check the status of each of our nozzles, confirm that the nozzle status is OK, and you can start printing!


Prevent equipment from clogging

In the process of printing development, it can be avoided that a certain color nozzle does not produce ink for a long time. If you print a single color for a long time, it is recommended to add 6-color printing color bars to prevent the company from not producing ink for a long time. Ink curing problem caused by blockage.


Confirm device status

Print the nozzle test status bar, check the status of each nozzle, confirm that the nozzle status is normal, and then close it. No need to use cleaning solution to moisturize.


Avoid sunlight

Turn off the equipment and avoid direct sunlight to the ultraviolet radiation equipment and dust-proof areas of the sprayer. It is recommended to use a dust cover to protect the spray head.



After using the cleaning solution, tighten the cleaning solution to prevent the components in the cleaning solution from volatilizing and causing the cleaning solution to deteriorate. Generally, the cleaning solution with openings should be used up within one month.