• Roll to roll UV printers are efficient and high-quality printing equipment that can be widely used in printing and advertising industries, as well as indoor and outdoor design and decoration. , artwork printing and other fields.


  • In today's digital printing market, UV printer has become a very popular digital printing equipment. It uses ultraviolet curing technology, which can directly print color images on various substrates, with high color saturation and good image clarity. It is also very convenient to use. So, which brand of UV printer is better? As a high-end UV printer brand, Hapond is favored by the market.


  • The rapid development of ultraviolet flatbed printers has also attracted the attention of many businesses and users. The prosperity of many industries is inseparable from uv printing. As the main printing equipment for spraying, uv printers are changing with each passing day. Other brands and models are constantly on the market, but different brands and machines The attention of the models may all focus on the price development of uv printers.


  • In the printing and production of UV flatbed printers, UV flatbed printers are our main printing output equipment. UV flatbed printers are the preferred UV printing equipment for users among many printing sprays. Don't worry about which UV printing equipment is better. Today, we share solutions to common faults of UV flatbed printers, such as the reasons and solutions for uneven images when printing UV flatbeds.


  • In the use of outdoor UV flatbed printers, the choice of outdoor spray ink is also very important. Manufacturers of UV flatbed printers recommend that users use factory-installed or factory-specified inks. In this way, the UV flatbed printer can be used better and related after-sales guarantee services can be obtained.


  • UV printer is a kind of printing equipment using ultraviolet light curing ink, which can print high-resolution and high-quality images on the surface of various materials, suitable for advertising production, sign printing, digital printing, packaging printing, glass printing and other industries . The following Hapond printer factory will introduce the working principle, characteristics and precautions of UV printers.


  • With the continuous maturity of digital printing technology, large-scale industrial-grade UV printers have gradually entered people's field of vision. The biggest feature of this device is its high-efficiency, high-definition, and diverse printing output methods.


  • A UV printer is a printing device that uses ultraviolet light-cured ink, which has the following characteristics: bright colors, high saturation and high degree of reduction. Avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet rays, and pay attention to protect your eyes and skin.


  • Manufacturers of inkjet printing equipment such as inkjet printers, inkjet printers, inkjet machines, and UV flat printers are usually very strict with ink consumables. On the one hand, ink is the source of profit for the business and later.


  • The demand for UV Flatbed Printer is increasing continuously, and the wide application in various industries has also accelerated the rapid development of UV Flatbed Printer. However, with the rapid development of UV flatbed printers, the environmental issues that people are concerned about and the waste ink disposal of UV flatbed printers must be seriously considered.


  • Oil paintings play an important role in home decoration, and many people stick different oil paintings in home decoration. As people live better day by day, they are also yearning for cultural life. With the expansion of the application of UV flat printers, many businesses have also seen opportunities and profits for UV flat printers to print oil paintings.


  • After years of development, UV flatbed printers have been recognized by the market for their technology and stability, and are sought after by users. Although the market demand is great, many related technologies and accessories of UV flatbed printers need our efforts to improve. Today we are going to talk about the ink tube sealing problem of UV flatbed printer accessories.