• We cannot fully operate the UV flatbed printer, so we still need to know the composition and principle of the UV flatbed printer, so that we can better control the UV flatbed printer. Now Hapond printer factory will introduce you the composition and principle of UV flatbed printer. In order to be able to respond as soon as a problem occurs.


  • Inkjet printer is one of the printers. Inkjet printer is a very common office supplies. In daily office, many people will come into contact with inkjet printer. So what is the working principle of inkjet printer? The working principle of an inkjet printer is relatively simple. Now Hapond printer factory will introduce its working principle in detail.


  • UV printer is a high-tech plate-free full-color digital printing machine, which is not limited by materials, and can be used in T-shirts, sliding doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors, glass, plates, various signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, metal , plastic, stone, leather and other surfaces for color photo-level printing.


  • I believe that many people have used the printer. Even if they have not used it directly, they have indirectly printed what they need. Although many people are using printers, they have not studied the specific use methods and some classifications of printers. After all, it is enough to meet their own needs. So do you know what types of printers can be divided into? Hapond will take you to learn more about it. Down!


  • UV ink is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly ink that hardens and adheres when irradiated with UV light (ultraviolet rays). Immediately drying at the moment of export, the production lead time can be greatly shortened. It can be printed on resin, glass, metal and other non-absorbent materials. A rich range of inks (soft, neutral, hard) can be used according to the use and material, from small accessories to large sheets, architectural, industrial design range can be printed. 1. Low volatile organic compound (VOC) ozone-free ink


  • Let's choose the Uv printer. UV flat printer can print at one time, whether it is a simple color block pattern, full-color pattern or over-colored pattern, without the need for plate making, begging plate, repeating cover, the application field is very wide. When purchasing a UV printer, whether the host components of the UV printer (mainly the head and sprinkler here), the type of UV printer (such as UV flatbed printer) can meet the requirements, and whether the model of the sample and the computer are different.


  • In general, there are three main principles, the first is the printing principle, the second is the curing principle, and the third is the positioning 2 principle. The three principles of UV printers are introduced below.


  • UV printers have also appeared many times, and many people are curious about this new product and may want to know a lot. Next, let us understand what is a UV printer? Is the UV printer easy to use?


  • UV flatbed printers (also known as universal flatbed printers or flatbed printers) overcome the bottleneck of digital printing technology, enabling real printing, no plate making, full-color image printing to be completed at one time, and compared with traditional printing processes, it has many advantages.


  • Many customers have different questions about UV printers. UV printers are generally divided into UV flat printers and UV reels. In this article, Hapond printer factory will introduce the difference between UV flat printer and UV plate bending machine.


  • What is the difference between UV flatbed printer and LCD printer? A UV printer is a printing device that is widely used as a printing material, and the term flatbed printer can be heard when shopping for a commercial UV printer. Many businesses say that flatbed printers are uv printers, so is it the same thing?


  • What are the advantages of UV soft film machine decoration? Now, 5mUV soft film has entered the ceiling decoration, and the soft film ceiling has opened a new door. So, what are the advantages of UV soft film machine decoration? The following content comes from the finishing of UV soft film machine manufacturers.