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1. The Introduction of The Direct To Garment Printer


Hapand is a Chinese Direct To Garment Printer manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of industrial uv printing machines. For more than ten years, we have been committed to the research and development, production and sales of uv printers. The industrial uv printing machines we produce use the highest quality materials and the most advanced technology, and the entire production process is carried out in strict accordance with international standard procedures, and strive to make our products at the forefront of the world. The direct-to-garment printer is a product derived from our flatbed printer, and the direct-to-garment printer technology produced by Hapond is relatively mature. Through the joint efforts of all Hapond employees, the company is gradually moving towards internationalization. At present, our industrial uv printers have been exported to Japan, Malaysia, India and other countries, and are well received by customers.


2. The Parameter of The Direct To Garment Printer


Direct To Garment Printer


Device model

running speed

Machine size

Applicable materials

Hapond P-3204



Light box cloth/car stickers/mesh cloth/ single transparent stickers/textiles/wallpaper murals/non-woven fabrics/photo paper,etc.

Hapond Q-3000



Hapond Q-3202plus



Hapond Q-3203



Hapond Q-5002plus



Hapond P-5203



Hapond Q-5204plus



Hapond H-5204



Hapond S-5302



Hapond P-2513




3. The Application of The Direct To Garment Printer


Hapond industrial uv printing machine has a wide range of applications. It can not only print patterns on clothing, but also print large-format wallpapers, murals, large-scale outdoor advertisements, etc., which brings great convenience to customers' business. Our machines can directly print hard or hard materials such as steel plate, aluminum plate, wood board, mobile phone case, glass, leather, glass sliding door, PVC board, corrugated cardboard, billboard, display board, acrylic, carton, etc. The right assistant in production.


4. The Qualification of The Direct To Garment Printer


Hapond direct-to-garment printers have passed the ISO9001 international certification standard, which means we are one step closer to being international. Hapond's industrial uv printer breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology and realizes true single-sheet printing, plate-free printing, and one-time full-color image printing. Compared with the traditional printing process, it saves time and labor, the printing accuracy is also significantly improved, and the pattern printed on the clothing is clear and firm. The printers we produce all adopt imported guide rails, silent drag chains and advanced systems developed by ourselves. Every printer we sell has professional international standard after-sales service, and strive to give customers the best after-sales experience.


Direct To Garment Printer


5. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of The Direct To Garment Printer


The Direct To Garment Printer developed by us uses international logistics containers in transportation, which can reasonably save transportation costs while ensuring transportation speed, find the best transportation ideas for customers, product protection in place, and no transportation problems such as bumps and water ingress.


Direct To Garment Printer


Our large industrial Direct To Garment Printer are all loaded and unloaded by our professional operators who drive professional vehicles.


Direct To Garment Printer factory


We equip every printer we sell with 24-hour after-sales customer service to ensure that we can deal with problems as soon as customers need them. Our after-sales service can help customers with simple tasks such as fault maintenance, component replacement, and system debugging. As a qualified print seller, we can send professional maintenance personnel to assist customers in overhauling the machine.


Direct To Garment Printer


6. FAQ


1). Delivery time: Under normal circumstances, the goods will be delivered within 15-60 days after placing the order. The specific time is determined according to national regulations, excluding epidemic and other force majeure factors.

2). Customers need to prepare high-precision automatic AC voltage stabilizer.

3). Customers need to prepare an air pump with a power greater than 750W.

4). Customers need to prepare leakage protection devices above AC220V-63A.

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